All About Artisan Leather HOBO Handbags

I grew up under the craft bench in my mother’s iconic store, playing with the scraps of leather the artisans would give me - it is then, I learned to love leather, respect its character and choose to make it my native language.
— Koren Brewer

HOBO's Story

HOBO was first fabricated in 1991 in Annapolis, Maryland by a creative, hardworking, and free-spirited woman, Toni Ray. With a belief that our possessions should reflect our journeys, and a passion for making authentic leather goods that are made to last, Toni set out on the road with her handmade leather bag collection, thus creating HOBO.

In 2006, Toni handed down the business to her daughter and son-in-law, Koren and David Brewer. With Koren's knowledge and hard-work combined with David's adventurous heart, they have stayed true to the purpose and philosophy HOBO has always possessed.

Design Philosophy

At HOBO, it all starts with the making of leather, a nostalgic praise to the soul of the 1970's and a passion to acknowledge the stories of wanderlust. As lovers of handbags, the balance of beauty and functionality in a purse is very important to us at Embellish. At HOBO, they are committed to doing just that - resulting in an aesthetically pleasing bag that only gets better with age. The shape and drape of leather is very vital; therefore, each piece of leather is hand-selected by artisan craftsmen. The combination of attention to detail and vintage touches, creates timelessly cool leather pieces that will stand the test of time.

Types of Leather

Screenshot (1).png

Velvet Hide

Full-grain cowhide

Aniline dyed and double tumbled with natural oils for its extra softness

This is the softest in the HOBO collection and keeps the natural surface and grain of the best American steer hides available

Screenshot (8).png

Vintage Hide

Full-grain cowhide

Dyed with organic dyes and a smooth wax finish

This has a natural distress look that wears to a rich sheen and shows off the great variations in the Italian leather hides.

Screenshot (11).png

Vachetta Hide

Full-grain cowhide

Aniline dyed and minimal surface treatment to leave a natural leather character

The leather is left uncovered to allow the true grain to be shown and felt; aged to a rich sheen with use and wear.

Screenshot (3).png

Suede Hide

Full Grain Hide

Aniline dyed and softly buffed to intensify the natural beauty

The brushed surface of the hide creates a soft finish and a rich, saturated hue.

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